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“The Ultimate Side Hustle With Minimal Time Commitment”

ChequeMate have a team of dedicated mentors and analysts specialising in all fields of matched betting to build you from the ground up. Join our Discord community of Matched Bettors, where you’ll learn the best techniques to maximise your profits. 

Our results speak for themselves 

What Perks Do Our Members Get?

Promo Bet Slips

Boost your profits with our exclusive promo bet slips, carefully curated for risk free gains using promotional bonus bets.

Arbitrage Betting

Through the power of compounding, exponentially grow your bankroll RISK FREE via our arbitrage bot which scans the web for the best arbitrage opportunities.

+EV Betting

Gain an edge over the books with our +EV betting bot, identifying mathematically backed positive expected value bets for huge long-term profits.

Premium Picks

Using historically backed data and thorough analysis, gain insights into the best betting picks to maximise your return.

Guides & Mentoring

Unlock the art of profitable matched betting with our concise guides and 1-on-1 mentoring, perfect for both beginners and experienced bettors alike.


ChequeMate has a community of over 500+ members who are all driven to success. Connect with likeminded people within our Discord Server.

Oct: $6017 | Nov: $5052 | Dec: $5580 | Jan: $6580 | Feb: $5018 |


Let Our Member’s Success Do The Talking
Dikshant Member since 2023

Thank you ChequeMate for the initial $250 free cash I made from just deposit matches... the best side hustle at the moment... Loving it, still learning and many left to earn🤑

DyrallTyrisue Member Since 2023

During the the team helped me understand the basics of matched betting, and assisted me throughout trialing betslips and answered any questions I had... After 2 weeks in I recorded $2200 in profit. The team is excellent and they never disappoint.

Dee Dee Member Since 2023

I've been with CM for almost a month and have made $3000+. Billy and Greg have been super helpful with teaching me during their week trial and stuck by me when I didnt understand something. They are great teachers... Props to them.

Trader Rick Member Since 2023

I've been matched betting for quite a while prior to joining ChequeMate and I gotta say their team is pretty spot on with what they do. I've pulled close to $4000 in the first month... Best in their field.

SimonKS Member Since 2024

I can genuinely say that this is the easiest money I've ever made.

igetshion Member Since 2024

I've been with CM for about 2 months now and I've made around 1.4k across 3 different bookies! Greg got me started on deposit bonus matches up... Billy then showed me horsepower and I have been able to convert my bonuses properly!

PacificMafia4K Member Since 2024

Ez money… if you’re not in this group yet you must hate money, the boys give you bet slips, you copy them, and by the end of the day you count your profit, if you have questions, they walk you through it, what else do you need

Amex Platinum Member Since 2024

I've never made money this easily. After 3 days of joining, I made $400 by just following the slips... Their dedication to assisting is truly commendable. All the slips and strategies that they put out have been very successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re Here With You Every Step Of The Way

ChequeMate is an Australian Owned matched betting society with its operations run off Discord. ChequeMate prioritises accumulating immense profits for their members through betslips, EV bets, and betting arbitrage. 

Being a member of ChequeMate grants you access to exclusive matched betting plays and promos, as well as highly leveraged bet slips in your favour, which outrank all competition. Whether you're a beginner or expert at matched betting, our team will go above and beyond to help you succeed. We've helped countless people become financially independent. 

A Premium Membership subscription costs $30 AUD/week, giving you access to all the bells and whistles that Matched Betting has to offer. Expect to earn 4 figures each week. 

Matched Betting is a strategic approach to leverage promotional offers by bookmakers such as TAB and SPORTSBET to create immense risk & tax free profits. It works by placing bets on both outcomes (to win & to not win), but in turn, you receive promotional offers in the form of cash, which you then take home for profit. 

Nope, Matched Betting is a legitimate way of earning TAX-FREE money. By leveraging bets to our advantage and using promotionalised "stake back" bets, we make the risk 0%. Check out our profit tracker in "SEE OUR RESULTS". 

Yep, it sure is. By betting on BOTH outcomes, your guaranteed to make a profit. Heres an analogy: 

Let's say you start off with $50 and you want to bet on a coin toss.

There are two sides to a coin, heads & tails. You place a $50 dollar bet with your money on heads, and you place another $50 bet on tails with some random bloke's money that he kindly gave to you (promotionalised cash).

If it landed on heads, you profit $50: Real Money: $100, cash from bloke: $0

If it landed on tails, you also profit $50: Real Money $0, cash from bloke: $100

Here at ChequeMate, we have we have members starting at all sorts of starting capital, big and small. We recommend having an initial capital of at least $300, which from there our team will build it big enough over the free trial week to start Matched Betting!

As long as you have a device that has access to the internet to place your bets, your all good to go! However, we highly recomend you have a laptop, as it will allow you to do horse promos aswell as make life 10x easier when matched betting.